Chengdu Qingya Paper Industries Co., Ltd.
Main categories: bamboo household paper,bamboo pulp,bagasse pulp,bamboo kraft paper,fiber tableware


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Chengdu Qingya Paper Industries Co.,Ltd is a professional enterprise who engaged in Bamboo and Bagasse pulp raw materials to Bamboo Jumbo rolls, Bamboo toilet paper etc.


As the paper raw material supplier, we have more than 20 years of experience in OEM or ODM for sanitary household paper, kraft paper and packaging, paper box and fiber tablewares.


With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection ,bamboo pulp and bagasse paper products have attracted much attention, Qingya paper industry also add a force for environment protection cause, which is now specialized in providing bamboo pulp paper OEM processing products.Extracting the raw bamboo fiber with bamboo-kun factor makes it to be natural antibacterial. No bleached and no chemical additive.


Bamboo and bagasse are limited raw materials for paper industry. Our company is located in Sichuan province, China, Where is main origin base for bamboo. We have build long strong business with its downstream factory, we can do OEM/ODM, supply various bamboo or bagasse solutions for sanitary papers, kraft packaing box and fiber containers.


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